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29 September 2009
Walker, Charles Dodsley - on Lake Delaware Boys' Camp

On Boys' Camp in the Catskills

Did I ever tell you that I was music director for 50 years at a boys' camp in the Catskills, with an organ that was pumped by the boys? It was a large pipe organ, not just a little harmonium. The camp was a very odd combination of high-church Episcopalianism and the military, with drills and all that sort of thing. The children actually got very good training that way. I had been music director of that camp before the way, and as soon as I was released from service, I went back for the two summer months of 1946, and then I checked in at Harvard and I got my degree in May 1947 -- a master's degree in music. The same month I also successfully passed the [American Guild of Organists] examination to become [a Fellow of the American Guild of Organists].

Higgins, Kathryn A. "Interviews with Charles Dodsley Walker." The American Organist October 2009, p. 62.

Previously: NYT - Lake Delaware Boys' Camp in

Walker as dedicatee: Langlais's "Postlude III" from his Four Postludes is dedicated to Charles Dodsley Walker. I'm sure he had other pieces dedicated to him as well.

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21 September 2009
Cathedrals - Episcopal, proximity to Starbucks stores (Province II) is proud to bring the second installment of our multi-part series of Episcopal Cathedrals and their distance from Starbucks stores. Using field agents and survey crews we have worked tirelessly to bring you this valuable resource.

We continue now in Province II (New York and New Jersey). Province II includes ten diocese, including two that are in neither New York nor New Jersey, and one "convocation".

The winner in this province is (surprise!) New York.

I am happy to be corrected on any of these stats.
DioceseCathedralDist to SBUX
AlbanyAll Saints, Albany10.6 mi (10 N Pearl St)
Central New YorkSt Paul's, Syracuse0.4 mi (290 W Jefferson St)
Convocation of American Churches in EuropeAmerican, Paris0.3 mi2 (76 Avenue des Champs Elysees)
HaitiHoly Trinity, Port au Prince400 mi (Florida)
Long Islandof the Incarnation0.5 mi (184 7th St)
New JerseyTrinity, Trenton5.6 mi (1 N Main St, Yardley, PA)
New YorkSt John the Divine0.2 mi[from the front steps] (2853 Broadway)
NewarkTrinity & St Philip's0.3 mi (744 Broad St)
Virgin IslandsChurch of All Saints, Charlotte Amalie1000 miles (Florida)
Western New YorkSt. Paul's, Buffalo0.7 mi (235 Delaware Ave)

1. All Saints claims to be home to the longest running Men and Boys' Choir in the country.

2. Actually this distance is 0.5km since miles don't work in France.

3. Rochester is one of nineteen domestic dioceses that has no cathedral (the others being Alaska, Central Gulf Coast, East Carolina, Eastern Michigan, Eastern Oregon, Fort Worth, Georgia, Navajoland, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Northern Michigan, Northwest Texas, Southern Virginia, Southwestern Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Western Michigan).

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20 September 2009
Houston - lots of Starbuckses in

It's always fun to describe for people the two Starbucks locations across the street from each other in the River Oaks area of Houston.

Now, the city has added to that total.

One corner: three Starbucks stores.


17 September 2009
Parry, Charles Hubert Hastings - revalatory moments in the music of

In his anthem "I was glad" how about that subito piano on the "-ru" of "O pray for the peace of Jerusalem"?

The effect is huge! And it's clearly there in the score for everyone to see (and hear).

What's it all about?

Has anyone recorded it that way?

Just listened to John Scott's recording with St. Paul's, London. He chickens out. Or the choir does.


04 September 2009
Obama, Barack - NASCAR drivers promote speech by

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01 September 2009
Duruflé, Maurice (1902-1986) - Fugue in C minor

This week's program of Pipedreams points us to a Fugue written by a 26-year-old student at the Paris Conservatoire, Maurice Duruflé.

Like the other students competing, Duruflé was locked in a room from 6 am until 11:30 pm, provided with only pencil and music paper. No piano, no reference books. Under such circumstances, a real piece of music is about the last thing one would expect as a result. And yet, that is what Duruflé created, and it compels our attention.

Duruflé left us with 14 or so official opus numbers, so really anything else that we have of his compels our attention.

A score and mp3 recording are available here.



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