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14 January 2011
Sarum - American

Starting today I'm at the American Sarum conference. I'll be tweeting using the hashtag #AmSam.

While is unclear whether tweeting was part of the Sarum rite, this is one of the things I hope to learn at the conference.

Update: 2 Mar: Here, for posterity are my tweets with the hashtag #AmSam

 Terrific few days in Bronxville for American Sarum conference. Great to learn so much, spend time with old friends & meet new ones #AmSam
4:13 PM Jan 18th  

 #AmSam dinner (@ J. C. Fogarty's)
11:46 PM Jan 17th from foursquare

 15th Century Mass recreation #AmSam
9:01 PM Jan 17th  

 Rubrics advanced course #AmSam (@ Blue Moon Mexican Cafe)
8:22 PM Jan 17th from foursquare

 2 hour session on rubrics beginning #AmSam
6:53 PM Jan 17th  

 Technology can make bridges to modern liturgical principles. #AmSam
4:56 PM Jan 17th  

 We have more resources than Percy Dearmer. Too many really. This is a burden and a blessing. #AmSam
4:54 PM Jan 17th  

 Text is common. Use is specific. Is diversity pastorally advisable? #AmSam
4:50 PM Jan 17th  

 John Austin Baker (frmr Bishop of Salisbury) "Christian Faith" disposes with penal substitution theory of Atonement - Davies #AmSam
4:46 PM Jan 17th  

 Roman Church core is atonement. Sarum Rite (Anglicans) core is incarnation. But it's about theological perspective #AmSam
4:43 PM Jan 17th  

 Gathered circle doesn't leave room for hiding behind pillar. No theological place for choir. #AmSam
3:52 PM Jan 17th  

 Harper: priesthood of all believers: laity need to be formed to shape the liturgy #AmSam
3:52 PM Jan 17th  

 Davies: someone has to make liturgical decisions - that process and input is theological #AmSam
3:48 PM Jan 17th  

 Whirmore: fads are a part of human culture. We have to reach back to find enduring principles in order to go forward #AmSam
3:39 PM Jan 17th  

 Whitmore: Music and liturgy are not separate things #AmSam
3:36 PM Jan 17th  

 Harper: don't draw lines of style. Community has to decide. Start with music of liturgy #AmSam
3:32 PM Jan 17th  

 Liturgy is shaping of sound and silence. Already music. (Harper) #AmSam
3:31 PM Jan 17th  

 Harper: music in liturgy is perhaps our least developed side of theology. #AmSam
3:28 PM Jan 17th  

 Harper: 1906 English Hymnal plainsong. Intended as congregational music. Martin Shaw had a different aesthetic. Look to 1549 music #AmSam
3:27 PM Jan 17th  

 Harper: experience in liturgy is Primary Theology. Early Music grounded in hist principles. Liturgy never static. Always changing #AmSam
3:25 PM Jan 17th  

 Davies: places to go. Staging posts from medieval rite. Enfleshing the theology through liturgy. #AmSam
3:22 PM Jan 17th  

 Davies: at Salisbury we get the chairs out of the way. The people move. Color, texture, darkness, mystery. Moving across thresholds. #AmSam
3:21 PM Jan 17th  

 Davies: liturgical principles come first. Moving away from text. Preparation behind presentation important. Senses engaged. #AmSam
3:19 PM Jan 17th  

 Doig: rich, dense, layered symbolism express the theology being worked out by congregation. Expressions beyond words. #AmSam
3:17 PM Jan 17th  

 Liturgy: orderly, complete, uncluttered by ideas. Reaching back in order to go forward. #AmSam
3:12 PM Jan 17th  

 Generational differences have emptied our churches of people under 35. GenX & Millenials interested in experience #AmSam
3:09 PM Jan 17th  

 Bishop Whitmire: AAM 2003 Indianapolis (after General Convention) was life-giving. Musicians are your best partners in the church #AmSam
3:06 PM Jan 17th  

 Morning Prayer at AAM midwinter conference. Voluntaries by Marcus Karl Maroney (b 1977) and Hindemith #AmSam
1:50 PM Jan 17th  

 American Sarum dinner. Great food. Keeping the roast beef warm on the fireplace. #AmSam (@ Bronxville Field Club)
1:24 AM Jan 17th from foursquare

 Final work is Pierre Cochereau (1924-1984) Variations sur un vieux Noël. #AmSam
11:15 PM Jan 16th  

 Great use of French Horn stop. Howells a bit too fast and accelerandi too exaggerated for my taste. #AmSam
11:11 PM Jan 16th  

 Schmücke dich, O liebe Seele, BWV 654. Flutes, 8, 4 accompanying cornet. Mr Forster seems to be using a few main note trills #AmSam
11:04 PM Jan 16th  

 Organ recital beginning on the new Casavant organ at Christ Church, Bronxville. Stuart Forster. Buxtehude Magnificat is first. #AmSam
10:53 PM Jan 16th  

 Evensong: Byrd responses; Hostis Herodes impie - Sheppard; First Service - Parsons; #AmSam
9:54 PM Jan 16th  

 Appreciate space through teaching #AmSam
8:47 PM Jan 16th  

 Easter Vigils held here in 1935. #AmSam
8:37 PM Jan 16th  

 CS Lewis: unaware of details (dance steps, shoes). Attention on God #AmSam
8:35 PM Jan 16th  

 Deliberate study of liturgy is a matter of pastoral care, worship, theology #AmSam
8:34 PM Jan 16th  

 "We are overwhelmed with choices today" - Fr Bird #AmSam
8:34 PM Jan 16th  

 "Christian worship can never be passive" -Fr Hohly #AmSam
8:22 PM Jan 16th  

 Fr Hohly inspired to congregation to embrace change #AmSam
8:21 PM Jan 16th  

 Morton Stone wasn't willing to stay only with the English expression - he looked East. Hymn 324. CCBNY willing to take risks #AmSam
8:20 PM Jan 16th  

 Hohly moved to more Roman expression to what he would term English use. Reredos added during his time & moved the Altar further East #AmSam
8:17 PM Jan 16th  

 CCBNY built 1925/6. Percy Dearmer's ideas prevalent in building of US churches. #AmSam
8:14 PM Jan 16th  

 Now Fr Michael Bird, rector on the history of the parish. #AmSam
8:11 PM Jan 16th  

 Watched a cool video of mediæval liturgy reenactment: Reconciliation of Penitents on Maundy Thurs #AmSam
8:10 PM Jan 16th  

 "you have to go through the threshold of boredom to discover the beauty and the power" #AmSam
7:17 PM Jan 16th  

 Most solemn feasts have more voices in music of Sheppard. Music reflects added solemnity. #AmSam
7:02 PM Jan 16th  

 Compline separate and more solemn in Lent. In manuas tuas. #AmSam
7:00 PM Jan 16th  

 Services are mostly plainsong or improvised polyphony. Lady chapel is small! Not music for whole cathedral. #AmSam
6:53 PM Jan 16th  

 Pricksong (notes are "pricked") Lady Mass at Workdays, Holy Days & Antiphon on Holy Days #AmSam
6:52 PM Jan 16th  

 Now: deployment of the choral body at Rochester Cathedral 1540s (no longer Benedictine, adopts Sarum liturgy) #AmSam
6:45 PM Jan 16th  

 Cathedral doesn't provide candles for the parish Mass in the Nave. #AmSam
6:43 PM Jan 16th  

 "Polyphony of prayer" was common in cathedrals. #AmSam
6:42 PM Jan 16th  

 Sonic Ceremonial: music and ritual in late medieval England. John Harper #AmSam
6:36 PM Jan 16th  

 Church is out. #AmSam
4:19 PM Jan 16th  

3:57 PM Jan 16th  

 May sit in the balcony and tweet this service. #AmSamStealth
2:32 PM Jan 16th  

 Still waiting to catch the shuttle to Christ Ch, Bronxville for this morning's 10 am liturgy. Jeremy Davies is preaching. #AmSam
2:31 PM Jan 16th  

 40 days of Christmas at Salisbury #AmSam
8:35 PM Jan 15th  

 We come to God with our empty spaces. God gives us the resources. #AmSam
8:18 PM Jan 15th  

 Jeremy Davies lecture is like poetry, or one of his beautifully crafted prayers. #AmSam
8:07 PM Jan 15th  

 Sarum liturgy orderly, but highly elaborate. #AmSam
8:01 PM Jan 15th  

 God's Patterns - Jeremy Davies. Salisbury: inhabit use work (building & liturgy) #AmSam
7:53 PM Jan 15th  

 The Lord does not speak to us without a parable. Eucharist the "acted sermon of the church" #AmSam
7:07 PM Jan 15th  

 "We have a ritual, and we must use it whether we like it or not" #AmSam
7:06 PM Jan 15th  

 Churches become overlaid with symbolism and are themselves sacramental vessels. #AmSam
7:04 PM Jan 15th  

 Oxford mvt strove for apostolic succession. Dignity of priestly office and sacraments #AmSam
6:47 PM Jan 15th  

 Churches (good ones) "spatial embodiments of sacramental worship." #AmSam
6:43 PM Jan 15th  

 1824 grant for 450 churches fostered an architectural style known as "commissioner's gothic" (see Thomas Rickman) #AmSam
6:30 PM Jan 15th  

 Revival of Sarum Rite in 19th C. Dr. Doig #AmSam
6:19 PM Jan 15th  

 Conf participant stands to recommend Dr. Harper's "City of the Lord" publ RSCM #AmSam
5:01 PM Jan 15th  

 Medieval liturgy is a sensory "polyphony". Layering of words and action. Elevation is a moment of focus. #AmSam
4:56 PM Jan 15th  

 Britten took Ceremony of Carols procession from an actual processional chant. #AmSam
4:50 PM Jan 15th  

 Procession is its own rite. #AmSam
4:46 PM Jan 15th  

 Meanwhile, Salisbury continues to change. Incense happens at offertory, not Credo #AmSam
4:41 PM Jan 15th  

 8 to 9 thousand churches then adopt their cathedral's liturgy in the middle ages. #AmSam
4:38 PM Jan 15th  

 Salisbury offered a ready model for non-monastic cathedrals to adopt in the 13th C. #AmSam
4:36 PM Jan 15th  

 Canons were likely living common life by a "monastic-style" rule. #AmSam
4:34 PM Jan 15th  

 John says look at the library of St Gall online #AmSam
4:27 PM Jan 15th  

 Time: Large clock in north nave aisle. Big bell tower outside (demolished 1790) #AmSam
4:23 PM Jan 15th  

 They are obsessed by who does what. Also there's not much separation between things musical and liturgical. #AmSam
4:21 PM Jan 15th  

 Books are very sacred objects #AmSam
4:16 PM Jan 15th  

 Key people: Osmund, Roger le Poer, Jocelin de Bohun & Richard Poore #AmSam
4:09 PM Jan 15th  

 Old Sarum 1075-1220, New Sarum 1220 onward #AmSam
4:03 PM Jan 15th  

 "Use" is Materials (texts, objects) People (office, individual) Place (location, space) & Time (general, local) #AmSam
4:02 PM Jan 15th  

 Previous tweets from Fr. Cody Unterseher's talk. Now, "The Medieval Use of Sarum" by John Harper #AmSam
3:57 PM Jan 15th  

 If in liturgy we do something from the past, we do it *in the present* #AmSam
3:23 PM Jan 15th  

 Brian Spinks has a liturgy shopping mall analogy. What do we have to offer? Clinging to "we've always done it this way" won't cut it. #AmSam
3:18 PM Jan 15th  

 Dearmer sought an English use, not a Baroque Continental one. #AmSam
3:12 PM Jan 15th  

 Percy Dearmer was distressed by ritualism "naughty child of Protestantism" "unworthy of our self-respect" #AmSam
3:11 PM Jan 15th  

 What the ritualists appealed to was forbidden. #AmSam
3:10 PM Jan 15th  

 Processions and ringing of bells forbidden in 1547 by parliament #AmSam
3:09 PM Jan 15th  

 "ornaments" rubric points to Edward VI way of doing things. Points to an unbroken continuity which didn't really exist #AmSam
3:08 PM Jan 15th  

 "Ultimately the Oxford Movement was in search of authentic tradition." #AmSam
3:05 PM Jan 15th  

 Radically different theological and liturgical hard to reconcile. "An idea as impossible as it is noble" #AmSam
3:04 PM Jan 15th  

 "diversity of use" alluded to in first BCP. Movable type theoretically allows for liturgical conformity. #AmSam
3:03 PM Jan 15th  

 Local uses had a lot in common with each other, but not with the Roman Rite. #AmSam
3:01 PM Jan 15th  

 Bradshaw (West. Abbey) points to early Eucharists of fish and water (John 6). #AmSam
2:58 PM Jan 15th  

 Tradition is fundamentally relational. See Fiddler On The Roof. But there is a fundamental lack of liturgical continuity. #AmSam
2:57 PM Jan 15th  

 Liturgy is enacted as received #AmSam
2:53 PM Jan 15th  

 Mundane behaviors acquire sacredness. #AmSam
2:53 PM Jan 15th  

 Brian Harlow is playing Whitlock pieces as voluntaries for AM prayer. New organ is delicious. Sarum Rite: no tweeting during liturgy #AmSam
1:47 PM Jan 15th  

 I'm the cantor for Morning Prayer. #DangersOfTheAfterParty #AmSam
3:19 AM Jan 15th  

 Michael Steele: Tallis Masses are Sarum Rite Masses. No Kyries. #AmSam
2:09 AM Jan 15th  

 Robert Wylkinson (1475-1515) Salve Regina. Glorious. #AmSam.
1:10 AM Jan 15th  

 First half: a brief history of Sarum music (from the 13th C to the Eton Choirbook) #AmSam
12:28 AM Jan 15th  

 Concert by Trinity, Wall Street about to begin. #AmSam
12:20 AM Jan 15th  

 RIC to LGA. headed to American Sarum conference, or #AmSam
5:53 PM Jan 14th  

 Getting all excited for the American Sarum conference, or as I call it on Twitter #AmSam

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